Sunday, November 18, 2012

Redecorating Your House? How About a New Door

Decorating your home on your own is a great way for you to use your talents and expertise for something useful.  There are many things that you can do on your own which you will enjoy and at the same time you will be saving a boat load of money.  For instance a new entrance door will do so much for your home.  Purchasing it from a store will cost you a couple of thousand dollars for a solid wood, good quality and impeccably designed door. Making your own entrance door will save you a lot of money.   So if you are good with your hands, then why not try this.  All you need is a router bit set like this for Precision bits which is geared towards creating an entry door.  There are many router bits sets, so just make sure that you get a good quality set.  Having great tools will give you excellent results. Purchase large size wood panels and you are ready to get started.  You will surely enjoy your finished project.

The Past and Present of Cherokee Scrubs

Finding the best scrub suit for a devoted nurse like you can be challenging, especially if you are on a tight budget and would obviously want to buy a scrub suit that is affordable, durable and comfortable all at the same time. There are many brands of scrubs and hospital attires available in shopping malls and online shops, but a lot of health care professionals choose Cherokee scrubs  as their hospital uniforms of choice. What’s in the Cherokee brand that made nurses and doctors give their trust and buy the products under this brand? Before we discuss that, let’s have a brief note on how these professionals begun to discover the good characteristics of Cherokee scrubs.

A Little History

Nurses and doctors were mandated to wear sterile gowns in operating rooms from 1940’s onwards in a worldwide attempt to decrease and minimize infections. True enough, these efforts were not in vain because a huge percentage of infections have decreased. Inside each gown, a health professional working in the operating room, or any other specialized area, wears a scrub suit. This scrub must be clean in order to further facilitate the efforts of reduced infection for the sake of the patient and the nurse or doctor wearing it. Because the sterile gown covers all the body parts of the nurse or doctor with the exception of the head, neck and feet, it can be concluded that it really feels hot to wear one over another garment. This means that the scrub suit to be worn must be light, not too thick nor too thin, comfortable, durable and allows free movement.  The additional requirement – resistant to stains like blood and body fluids of the patient – was not present in white-colored scrubs, so it was decided that the universal color of the surgical uniform, including the scrubs, is green. Since then, green Cherokee scrubs have been a top choice for OR nurses and doctors. Not only have they been able to qualify for the color requirement, but also for the comfort, durability and affordability matters.

At Present

Nowadays, it is not a strict requirement that one should wear green colored scrubs when having a duty inside the operating room. Because of this small loosening in the requirements for nurses and doctors, Cherokee scrubs have been sold in different sizes, neck shapes, colors, patterns and styles. Gone are the days when nurses and doctors were confined in the white or green colors of garments; Cherokee scrubs provide a wide array of colors that are sure to fit the tastes of meticulous health care providers like you.

Qualities and Benefits

As mentioned earlier, the Cherokee brand offers many styles, prints and colors for medical and nursing professionals. While you can wear stylish scrubs, you can also take advantage of the competitive, affordable prices of each scrub suit offered by Cherokee. Another benefit that you may get from Cherokee scrubs is that they are extremely durable; their colors don’t fade even after many washes. Cherokee scrubs are available in different collections such as: Cherokee Body, Cherokee Basics, Cherokee Flexibles and Cherokee Studio.